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Buy a Flask and Use it at the Bars

Have you ever wanted a drink that the bar you're in doesn't have? Or maybe you want a drink but the bar charges an outrageous price for what you want. So what do you do? Many people buy a flask and sneak it into a bar. They fill it up with their favorite beverage and sip away all night! Of course, bars really don't want people bringing in outside drinks since it means they lose money, so you'll need to be sneaky about it.

Where to Buy

You can buy a flask from many different places. Some liquor stores sell them, but you can find them at many department stores. Most don't cost very much, and they're sized to easily fit in the inside pocket of a jacket. Most are stainless steel, so they're durable and will last for years. Most have a screw top so they won't leak.

Be Cautious

How do you sneak a flask into a bar? The first thing you need is a jacket with an inside pocket. This isn't absolutely vital, you can have a hip flask stored in your pants pocket, but it's harder to sip from it without being seen since you have to lift up the flask. When you keep it in a jacket pocket, you can lean your head downward and sip without a lot of movement and the flask is mostly hidden by your coat. Look for a jacket with an inside pocket that's large enough for your flask. You really want one that's on the larger side so the flask can be slipped in and out easily. Another benefit is a high collar. That will help hide your face as you drink from the flask.

The next step is to get the flask into the bar. All you have to do is walk in with the flask in your pocket. If it's in your pants, it may create a bulge that could give you away, but most bar bouncers won't really notice. You can wear an untucked shirt that comes down over your pockets to help hide the flask.

How to Sneak a Drink

The hardest part of smuggling a flask into a bar is drinking from it. You have to make sure you conceal the flask from the bartender and any other employees or you may find yourself getting kicked out. Try to sit in the corner or in an area that's not right under a light. Because they're metal, flasks can reflect light and catch people's attention. Unscrew the flask while it's still hidden under your jacket or hold it under the table to do so. Then lean down as far as you can and take a sip.

When your flash starts to get empty, it will be harder to hold it up high enough to get a drink but still keep it low enough so it doesn't get seen. This takes practice, especially if you want to get a drink without looking like you're trying to do some strange yoga pose. One option is to sit or stand so that you're behind someone. Use them as a human blockade. Another option is to slip off to the restroom for a drink.

Drinking from a flask without getting caught takes practice, but it can be done. Once you've got it down, you'll be able to sneak sips of your favorite beverage anywhere.

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