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Cut Your Own Firewood to Save Money

When people look at ways to save money, those who live near a wooded area can find the answer in their heating bills by using firewood. Cutting your own firewood can be a good way to save some money, especially if you can cut an ample supply and stock pile it for the long brutal winter months. If you want to cut your own wood for the fireplace or the wood stove there are three steps you need to keep in mind: selecting the trees to cut, de-branching the trees, and splitting the wood logs.

Selecting Trees

When you have your tools and supplies in hand it is time to hit the woods. Depending on where in the country you live, the selection of wood that is available to you can vary, and some of the more popular ones are oak, maple, pine, and spruce. All wood needs to be selected carefully. You need to make sure that the wood is dried and not overly green. The best wood often comes from dead trees that are dried and hard but not rotting and falling apart. Once you find your tree you need to carefully cut it down so you can begin the next phase of the firewood collection, de-branching.


De-branching is routine and if you have done it before there is a great possibility that you will get careless during the process. Chainsaws are involved most often with de-branching so you do not want to get careless or cut toward your leg or body. Don't get distracted, stay focused and never let your guard down when you are cutting off the branches to prepare your logs. Some people like to cut the branches off before they start to cut the logs and other people want the logs cut before the de-branching begins. Neither order is right or wrong, so pick whichever method you are most comfortable with.


Once you have gotten the logs back home, it is a good idea to cut them down into stove size logs. This is helpful because splitting logs that are too long can be quite a chore. Some people use the traditional axe and human manpower to split the logs into the pieces that need to be put in the fire pit. Other people go the faster route and split the logs with the chainsaw or handsaw. Again there is no right or wrong way to split the logs so whatever is easiest and safest for you and your unique situation.

When people need quick ways to save some money, those who live up north where it gets cold at times can look at saving money on the firewood they use during the cold months. Cutting your own firewood is a lot of work but can be fun, is a great source of exercise, and can really help cut down the expenses of winter. If you decide to cut your own fire wood these three steps we have discussed here are what you need to keep in mind. From selecting the trees, debranching the logs, and splitting the wood, it is a great way to save money and fill a very important need for your family.

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