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Going on Vacation? Go Somewhere Local

When people think about going on vacation, many think about traveling somewhere. Whether it's only a few hours away or a day away, travel always seems to be part of a vacation. However, it doesn't have to be. It's possible to take a great location without ever leaving your nearby area. Going somewhere local for your trip can actually be a great vacation.

Saving Money

Why would you want to go somewhere local instead of traveling? One of the biggest reasons is that you can save money. You don't have to pay for airfare, and instead of staying at a hotel, you can stay at home. This is great if you have a very limited budget but still want to take a break. You also have the benefit of knowing the area so you don't have to worry about directions.

For many people, the lure of going on a vacation is to visit some place new, some place they've never been before. However, if you live in a large city, you can do exactly that without travelling anywhere. Take a look at what your home is known for. Have you visited that particular attraction, location, or area? If not, why not? Taking a vacation to a local area can be a good way to get to know your home town a little better. Even if you've been to some of the attractions, take another look at them. Some places like museums often bring in traveling exhibits and rotate out some of their attractions.

Local Ideas

Just because you're not going very far doesn't mean you can't change things up a little bit. You can still get a hotel room if you like, especially if you know of a particularly fancy hotel that you've always wanted to visit. Staying for a night or two, just enough to enjoy the feeling of being out of your own home. Have room service and take advantage of the pool while you're there. If you have kids, you could even arrange for them to stay elsewhere for the night and have a short vacation with your spouse. That's something you couldn't do if you went out of town.

Make a themed vacation. Put together a list of all the things you love about your home town, or create a tour that visits all the places you've always wanted to visit but just didn't have the time to. Go to your favorite restaurants or attend an event like a concert or sporting event. You could even recreate your first date or one of your favorite weekends spent at home.

Act like tourists in your own town. This can be really fun to do for a day. Take public transportation or walk just like you'd do if you had flown somewhere and didn't have a car. Stay at a hotel and do all of the touristy things people would do if they were visiting the city for the first time.


For some, a vacation simply means not going to work for a week or so. They take what is now referred to as a staycation, which is simply staying at home for the entire duration of one's vacation. This gives them the chance to simply kick back and relax. They might finish a few projects around the house, or they might do as little as possible. Either way, this is certainly a good vacation idea for those who don't like traveling and just want to take some time to rest.

No matter what you decide to do, taking a vacation without ever leaving town can be a great way to recharge and relax without spending a lot of money. So don't let your budget or lack of interest in travelling keep you from enjoying a great vacation.

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