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Have Your Friend Cut Your Hair

Many people are quite surprised when they go through their month-to-month expenses and realize just how much they spend on getting their hair styled and cut. For some women, they could be spending $50-$100 or more each month on getting their hair cut and styled. Guys are not immune because although their cuts typically cost a lot less, they tend to get their hair cut more often. So there is a good bit of money put into something as simple as a haircut. If you're looking for an easy way to save some money then this is definitely an area to look into. One simple way to cut back the cost of hair care is to find a friend who can cut your hair for you. Simple trims and styles can easily be done and most hair styles men wear are easy to do at home too with a hair cutting kit.

Home Vs Salon

For the girls, most hair styles can be scaled back to something simpler and easier. A nice cut and a little color is all most need to look good - and this can be done at home or with the help of a friend. Paying a friend a few bucks to help you trim and color your hair is a lot cheaper than paying a salon for the same work. Would you rather pay someone you know and trust or pay someone who you don't know at all? Chances are you know someone who can help you with this so make sure you ask around. It is worth the little bit of work to find that perfect someone to help you out and help you save some money.

Men & Women

For the guys, the styles men wear are much simpler but they often require weekly trims and maintenance - especially when work dress codes are involved. However, men also likely do have friends or family who can help you out now and then with keeping the hair trimmed and in line. See if you know someone in your apartment flat that could help you. When you go home to visit the family during the weekends, see if mom or dad can help you with a quick trim. Ask your wife or girlfriend if they could help you. There are ways to keep the hair under control without paying a salon every week.

People want to look nice, and there is nothing wrong with that. If you can afford to go to a salon every time you need a trim that is great. But if you are looking for a quick and easy way to save some money each month, look at what your hair style is costing you. Try to scale back to something a little more simplistic. Look for people to help you with the trims and cuts and simple colorings. They are out there, you just have to find them and ask them. You can still look and feel great without paying $50 plus each and every month.

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