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Get educated on personal finance and lending whilst learning how to save money -

1.Manage Money Wisely with a Checking Book2.Make Money with Online Surveys
3.Get a Sunday Paper and Clip Coupons to Save Money4.Stop Buying New Clothes
5.Borrow From Friends and Family if Possible6.Repair a Broken Car Yourself - Don't Use a Mechanic
7.Stop Eating Out So Much to Save Money8.Utilize a Cash Advance to Pay Emergency Bills
9.Don't Borrow Your Life Away - Seek Help if Your Addicted to Shopping10.Borrow No More Money than You Need
11.If you Have a Flat Tire and Need Cash to Repair Them - Buy Used Tires!12.Take Caution When Borrowing Money Online - Only Borrow What You Need
13.Don't Buy a New Car - Fix Your Old One14.Cut Your Own Firewood to Save Money
15.Drop Your Home Internet and Use Mobile Smartphone16.Have Your Friend Cut Your Hair
17.Rent a Steam Cleaner Instead of Hiring Someone18.Move Your Checking Account to a Better Bank
19.Buy a Flask and Use it at the Bars20.Going on Vacation? Go Somewhere Local
22.Use Credit Card Points to Go on Vacation23.How to Sell Gift Cards for Quick Cash

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