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Rent a Steam Cleaner Instead of Hiring Someone

Something few people think about until it gets really bad is the state of the carpets in their home. Often times the job of cleaning the carpets is put off time and time again until it gets so bad that is cannot be ignored any longer. Many people are shocked to discover that carpet cleaning might well be the most expensive services that targets homeowners! The cost for getting a professional to clean your home can vary but many companies charge $100 per room and $20-$30 for hallways. It is easy to see why people are looking for other ways to clean their carpets without breaking the bank!

Cleaning Equipment

It is possible for carpets to get cleaned with a carpet cleaner that you can rent from a number of different stores. That being said though, it is important to realize that a professional carpet cleaning company will likely do a better job. If it is a one-time cleaning- such as before getting your home ready to go on the market- it might be worth the investment to have the professionals come in and do it. If it is something you need to do on a regular basis - once a year or more often - then you might be better off buying your own carpet cleaner, which is much like the ones you can rent.

Buying Vs Renting

Buying a carpet cleaning machine can be better for your family because though it costs more up front, you will save money in the long run compared to renting a machine or hiring a professional each time the carpets get dirty. Most carpet cleaning models cost about $250 and is very effective. Just make sure you follow the directions closely because any machine is only as good as the way it is operated and cared for. People who need to routinely clean the carpets because of health concerns, such as allergies, can really benefit from having their own cleaner on hand - and they will also save a good bit on money each year, too!

When you sit down and compare all the numbers, it is clear that you could rent most carpet cleaning machines several times for the same price of having a professional come in and do just part of your home. The price you would pay for about six months' worth of rentals, you could buy your own carpet cleaner to have on hand whenever you need it. So it's something that is worth looking into. Figure out how often you need to clean your carpets and what other needs you and your family have that could dictate when and how you need your carpets cleaned.

Most professionals recommend that you get your carpets cleaned by a pro every 12 to 18 months. If you have pets, small kids, or tend to track in dirt and oil from the garage or outside, then having a carpet cleaner of your own is logical and would be a great investment. Ultimately, you and you alone can decide what is best for your family, but renting a cleaner can be a great option and a great way to save some money!

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