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How to Sell Gift Cards for Quick Cash

Gift cards are one of the top gifts to provide to friends and family during the holiday seasons and for birthdays. Gift cards make great gifts for several reasons. Providing a card with a monetary amount allows the receiver to get the exact item that they want, limiting the need for returns or exchanges. Gift cards are also easier to purchase. Cards can be purchased in store or online, and can be delivered through the same methods.
Sometimes, even gift cards do not suit the fancy of the receiver, and in this case, gift cards can be sold. There are a variety of ways to exchange gift cards for cash. Choose the method that will allow you to fetch the money you need easily.

Auction Websites

If you wish to sell the gift card yourself, you can list the card for sale on a website of your choice. Auction websites are a popular method for selling gift cards, as they allow others to bid on the cards, and allow you to fetch a competitive price for the gift card. You can also list the card for sale at your own price, and get buyers for your gift card.
When you sell the gift card, you will be responsible for physically delivering the card to the buyer. This means mailing the card to the home of the buyer in good condition. If the gift card is an e-gift card, make sure that you have the email of the person to forward the gift card for use.

Exchange Websites

If you wish to exchange a gift card from one store for another, exchange websites are a good idea for you. You can list your gift card, and then state the gift cards that you are willing to swap for. If you are going to exchange gift cards, be sure to go to a reputable website, and deal with other gift card swappers who have good feedback. Dealing with a good site will allow you to have an easy and enjoyable exchange.

Kiosks in Malls

Most malls have kiosks that buy gift cards and this is one of the most popular ways to get cash for your gift cards. The purpose of kiosks is to aid those who wish to purchase gift cards at a discount, as well as provide a way to make cash for those who want to sell their gift card.

These kiosks will purchase the gift card from you for cash. The process of selling your gift card has a few simple steps. They will ask you for the amount and store of your gift card. They will then make you an offer based on a number of different factors. These factors include the demand for the gift card, current stock, as well as other factors by the website. Most will offer at least 75% of the worth of the gift card. Once they verify the amount on the gift card they will give you cash right then and there for your card.

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