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Stop Buying New Clothes

What is it about new clothes that drive us all wild to the stores to purchase them? Is it the fact that we want to impress our friends or feel it's the only way to have quality clothing? Whatever the case may be, it appears we are just wasting money buying new clothes. Think how much money you spend on new clothes a year that could be put forth towards housing, food, and other debts.

Take your children, for example. They are still growing and this year's clothing won't fit them next year. Also, the styles change season to season, so the expensive pair of jeans you bought today will be tucked away far in their closet, never to be seen again. You yourself may have so many clothes that you may never get to wear more than 50-percent of the items more than once. You shop from pure desire.

If you take the time to think about it, you will discover that you can stop buying new clothes because used clothes have the same quality as purchasing them new from chic boutiques and department stores. There are, fortunately, alternative places to buy more affordable clothing.

Borrow Clothes

The most affordable of course is getting free clothes. If you've had your eye on a particular clothing item your friend has, ask to borrow it for an event. Borrowing between friends is a great way to expand that wardrobe. Just be sure to return it in mint condition and in a timely manner should you want to borrow something else.

Thrift Shops

Thrift shops are an excellent place to purchase used clothing. You aren't restricted to the one in your neighborhood either. Travel to high income areas to find some of the nicer clothes and expensive name brands you crave. Try to get on friendly terms with one of the associates to find out when they receive new inventory on some of the things you are hoping to find.

Vintage and Consignment Stores

The internet is one of the best malls around. Going for the retro look is in; however, the quality of the new clothing is not as good as the original thing. You have your pick of great clothes from online vintage stores. These stores will ship out clothing that has been hand inspected for quality.

Yard and Estate Sales

Check out your local newspaper or sales websites for yard and estate sales. These are great places to start finding used clothing for the entire family. Chances are, the seller really just wants to get rid of the items so you may luck up if you offer to purchase in bulk. Be early for estate sales as you can find the best deals on designer clothing. Don't be afraid to bargain shop there as well.

Social Media Groups

Join a social media group and participate in community swaps. Some members sell clothing while others simply swap the clothing items. Most have rules, such as the clothing must be gently used items.

Rent Your Clothing

There are plenty of emerging online stores that allow you to rent clothing for special occasions. You don't have to pay a membership fee and you could be shipped multiple sizes. They even cover the dry cleaning costs. The rentals services can be costly but they are always much cheaper than purchasing the clothing brand new yourself.

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