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Use Credit Card Points to Go on Vacation

Use Credit Card Points to Go on Vacation

Everyone loves going on vacation, but most people don't love paying for a vacation. This is especially true if you're going someplace expensive. One of the best ways of making your vacation a little cheaper is to use credit card points to get a free or discounted hotel room, travel, or other expense. Here are some of the best credit cards that offer vacation points.

Carnival World MasterCard

The Carnival World MasterCard provides Fun Points that can be used to book a cruise on any Carnival, Princess, or Holland America cruise ship. You receive one point for every dollar you spend on purchases. In addition to being used to pay for the cruise, these points can also be used for expenses made to your Sail and Sign account. It's also possible to quickly accumulate bonus points for transferring a balance to the card.

Chase Marriott Rewards Visa

The Chase Marriott Rewards Visa is a great card for those who travel a lot. It does have a $30 annual fee, but that fee is waived the first year. You receive one point per every dollar spent, but if you use this card to pay for a stay at one of the Marriott hotels, you receive three points per dollar for that stay. This card works in conjunction with the Marriott loyalty program, so between the two, you can quickly accumulate enough points for free lodging.

Royal Caribbean Visa

The Royal Caribbean Visa is another credit card that provides great benefits for those who love to go on cruises. Like the Carnival MasterCard, you'll earn points that you can apply to any Royal Caribbean cruise or purchase you make aboard ship. You receive one point for every dollar you spend, plus you receive 10,000 bonus points when you make your first purchase with the card.

Disney Rewards Visa

The Disney Rewards Visa is the card of choice for anyone who wants to go to one of the Disney theme parks. This card lets you accumulate Disney Dream Dollars at a rate of one percent of all purchases made. These dollars can be used to purchase anything at any Disney theme park. However, the benefits don't stop there. If you use your Disney Rewards card to book your vacation or buy anything at one of Disney's stores, cruises, or theme parks, you'll receive a discount. Card owners can also access a private card member meet and greet with a Disney character that includes a free photo. Book your vacation via the Disney Travel Company using this Visa and receive 0% financing for up to six months.

Universal American Express Card

Would you rather visit Universal Studios instead? There's a rewards card for that, too. It's the Universal American Express, and it earns one point per dollar for regular purchases and two points per every dollar you spend at Universal Studios. However, you get two points per dollar on the first $400 you spend on groceries and gas every year. Plus, if you have a Universal Studios annual pass; you can get three points for some purchases. But the last benefit is perhaps the best: cardholders automatically get a Universal Express Plus Pass that lets them skip certain lines and receive priority boarding for some attractions.

American Express Blue Sky

The American Express Blue Sky card provides travelers the freedom to stay where they want and fly their favorite airline with no restrictions. You'll earn the standard one point for each dollar spent, but that's not all. Every time you earn 7,500 points, you'll get $100 off an eligible travel expense. That gives you $175 to spend towards a vacation. This card has no annual fee, but if you don't mind paying $75 a year, you can upgrade to the Blue Sky Preferred card. This gives you two points for every dollar you spend plus has a $100 a year credit that can be used towards any qualifying airline fee.

Capital One Venture Rewards Card

The Capital One Venture Rewards Card is another good card for those who travel a lot. It actually earns two points per dollar you spend on travel-related expenses. You can use these points at any airline or hotel, which is very helpful. There are no foreign transaction fees to worry about, making it a good card for those travelling abroad for their vacation. However, there is a $59 annual fee starting with the second year you have the card.

These are just a few of the best credit cards you can use to earn rewards points. If you have a specific destination in mind, you may be surprised to find that there's a rewards credit card associated with it.

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